Building a new facility in Dubai? Make it profitable with us!

If you are a profitable business, We’ll build your facility exactly as per your specifications.

What’s more, with a simple MoU and a long-term lease agreement with us, you get a completely operational facility in one of the most coveted locations in the world.*

Enjoy zero capex exposure and make your endeavours instantly lucrative.

* Terms & Conditions apply

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How does it work?

We like to keep things simple. After all our due diligence, we make an investment in your project facility. All you need to do is provide us with the specs and pay the lease when the facility is live. A win-win opportunity you simply cannot resist!

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Zero Capex Exposure

A new facility can make a dent on your finances. We give you the advantage of zero CapEx exposure so that you can keep your business efficient and lucrative.


Our projects cater to your unique needs. Just provide us with the specifications and you get a facility tailor-made with the exact materials of your choosing.


Your business deserves your complete attention. Let’s take care of the complex process of land acquisition, construction, approvals, setting up, maintenance, etc.


We understand the importance of sticking to the deadlines. All our projects are committed to a strict timeline to ensure delivery on or before time.

Who are we?

At trustworthy, we take pride in our values of honesty, credibility and success. We guide all our endeavours by these values and guarantee our clients the same.

Building on the foundation of integrity and fairness, Trustworthy has evolved into a trusted name in the investing arena. The start of the new millennium in 2001 marked our origins, and over time, the confidence of key figures in the UAE market, as well as across the GCC, grew reassuringly.

  • A game changer in industrial real estate in Dubai
  • Committed to the progress and business excellence of the region
  • Uncompromising values and unmatched integrity in relationships
  • Deep cultural understanding of the ecosystem and expectations
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About the Lease Agreement

After our due diligence and initial discussions, the first step is both the parties entering into an MoU and long-term lease agreement that usually lasts around 20 years. Our terms are flexible, transparent and mutually understood to ensure a win-win partnership.

Transparency and Integrity are the Key

We know that when you succeed, we succeed. This is why we make it our mission to establish a mutually benefiting partnership with your successful business with utmost transparency, honesty and virtue.

Let’s discuss your development priorities for the coming years and create a fruitful relationship for all of us.

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